Brokers Are Better

HousingWire had a great article exploring the reasons why Mortgage Brokers are a better alternative to larger lending institutions. Here are just a few of the myths that they reviewed:

Myth 1: Mortgage brokers don’t have as much control as a direct retail lender

In reality, Mortgage Brokers have even more control than direct retail lenders. We have the ability to work with a wide variety of Lenders and offer hundreds of mortgage loan products. We are able to customize and tailor the right loan product for each person's individual needs.

Myth 2: It’s easier to work with a big national lender than with a local mortgage broker

Try to get a Pre-Approval letter or ask a mortgage question on a Friday night or the weekend from a financial institution. Most Lenders work banker's hours, and simply are not there when you need them. We do not have a large call center, or outsource to another country, we are here, we are local, and we pick up the phone when you call us. We are available when you need us most.

Myth 3: Mortgage brokers are low tech

We invest in the latest technology to streamline our mortgage loan process. We use bank level encrypted security software for sending and receiving sensitive financial information. We monitor the moment to moment ebb and flow of the mortgage backed security market to ensure timely advice for locking versus floating your interest rate. We also monitor the interest rates daily to assist past clients with any opportunity to lower their current interest rates.

You can learn more by reading the article from HousingWire HERE.