Are You Stressed Out?

As a Mortgage Broker I have the advantage of working with many lenders and I have chosen to do business with only those that deliver great interest rates, have outstanding customer service and offer a wide variety of quality products.

When purchasing your new home or as a current home owner refinancing your existing home, the most stressful part of either transaction is the time between the signing of your initial loan disclosures and your final Clear to Close.

I am the owner of Blue Stripe Mortgage and I talk with Maine homebuyers and homeowners every day and I feel their stress. My personal goal is to get my clients their Clear to Close as soon as possible. From June thru this month, my average processing time for my clients has been 28 days or less and I am currently averaging a processing time of 23 days in November.

Please tell your family, friends or coworkers that Blue Stripe Mortgage will do everything possible to get your Clear to Close as soon as possible so you can focus on your new fixtures and not your financing. Reach out to us today at: 207-883-2003.